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The invention system is up and running, just needs to be expanded with new content! We're working on QoL improvements to the invention workflow and putting work into ensuring the game world sticks around for a while. After that we'll just need to finish building construction and we'll be able to do the next major public release. Shouldn't be long now.


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MMO Servers
Release Candidate Version: 0.5.0-build1670 Players: 1/500 (active: 1) - Objects: 9419
Stable Release Version: 0.5.0-build1670 Players: 8/500 (active: 0) - Objects: 748

Multiplayer Combat Arenas
Game name
Object count
Server status
No available combat arenas at the moment. Consider making your own!

New Combat Arena

Single Player Arena

This option is for those who just want to try out some of the game's features without having to play with anyone else. This best of all, this option is completely free! Please note however that this is very VERY much in pre-alpha and still needs a lot of polish, features, and testing.

Enter a Single Player Instance