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If you're joining the Primary Server, the first spawn-in fails sometimes. You'll have to go to Options | Refresh and it should work the second time.


Chat with the developers using the above chat box, or go to our Facebook page (found at the bottom of the front page) and messages us there!


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MMO Servers
Public Test Server (small game world) Version: build-3099 Players: 0/500 (active: 0) - Objects: 662

Battle Royale Mode

Unfortunately, Battle Royale servers are not available at this moment. Please try again later.

Single Player Arena

This option is for those who just want to try out some of the game's features without having to play with anyone else. Best of all, this option is completely free! Please note, however, that this is very VERY much in pre-alpha and still needs a lot of polish, features, and testing.

Enter the tech test

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