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(Update: We're now testing if this is still an issue) The primary server has an issue when you've been using it for a while where your character will seem to no longer work (or die randomly). Until we can fix this there is a workaround. If this happens, get out of the game and go into another game or just stay out of the game for approximately 2 minutes. The server will clean up your node and when you reconnect it should be working again.


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MMO Servers
Stable Cluster Version: build-2835
Public Test Server Version: build-2835 Players: 2/500 (active: 0) - Objects: 1644

Battle Royale Mode

Unfortunately, Battle Royale servers are not available at this moment. Please try again later.

Single Player Arena

This option is for those who just want to try out some of the game's features without having to play with anyone else. Best of all, this option is completely free! Please note, however, that this is very VERY much in pre-alpha and still needs a lot of polish, features, and testing.

Enter a Single Player Instance

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